What if you changed your program of a Friday night ?
Around an Atelier-Apéro-Chapeau at the Fabrique Générale?

The principle of “Make it Yourself” Workshops?
You learn, you choose, you make.

Materials, provenances, tools, know-how, hints and tricks needed to make our hats will no longer have any secret for you.

Then, according to the same concept as in our Atlier-shop in Rive gauche, you choose the material, the color, the hat, as the coarse grain and the small passing on the side, our factory sign !

Finally, you will make it yourself, and leave with your headgear to you !

Workshop “Make it Yourself” taupe felt : 215 € TTC
Workshop «Make it Yourself» Panama straw of Ecuador: 185 € TTC
Duration of the workshop : about 2 hours – aperitif included

27th of January 2017 Workshop: Registration completed

3rd of February 2017 Workshop

185 215 

24th of February 2017 Workshop

185 215 

3rd of March 2017 Workshop

185 215