Universe - The Cherry on the Hat


« When I came back from Asia, my mind was full of colour.
Once in Paris, I wanted challenge the dull, bland black and grey uniform to bring colour into a very masculine accessory: hats ».

One September morning, Cerise pushed open the door to Gélot the hat makers on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and walked in on the arm of her grandfather.

A few years later, she decided to pay tribute to the fine figure of the passionate adventurer, who was the symbol of timeless style when she was a girl. Cerise chose to follow a training course in Paris to learn the techniques in creative professions and fashion.

Very quickly, the young hat maker confirmed her taste for masculine-feminine sophistication thanks to the shape known as the “Classic”, that was quickly produced in a range of surprising colours.

La Cerise sur le Chapeau came into being in 2007.


Our ambition is to pass on the aesthetics of relaxed elegance, enhanced by male wardrobe codes.

We provide iconic pieces, imprinted with a touch of boldness that gives a timeless style a modern edge.

We believe in sustainable fashion, cut from noble materials, which promotes savoir-faire and has quality that remains impeccable as time goes on.


Our models draw their uniqueness from film magnetism, painting or the exotics of travel.

The hats evoke fragments of eras, signatures of universal chic, from novels by Marguerite Duras to how Audrey Hepburn held her head.


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