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The Lover Ambroise

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Unique and bold with its graphic lines, both men and women can wear The Lover.

Inspired and inspiring with its rounded crown, flat and pinched on the front, this model is a nod to the film of the same name by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

All our hats are molded and sewn in Paris.

Between two sizes, prefer a size above.

How to measure your head circumference ?

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Material : Felt 100% Merinos

Popular for winter, our felts are made in Portugal before being moulded on our presses in Paris.

Our felts are the result of mastering savoir-faire related to an innovative production process.

Their technical nature develops and they meet a requirement for waterproof, durable high-end aesthetics.


Color : Caprice (Old Pink)

Grosgrain col. Spritz

Tick col. Terre Battue


Technical description :

Crown height 9,5 cm

Brim width 8 cm



Hang it on a hook or put it on a nice hat stand so that it keeps its shape.

If it rains, leave it to dry away from a heat source then brush it with a suede brush.

If it is stained, apply some “terre de sommières” powdered clay, leave it to act and brush.

Brush your hat regularly with our suede brush and wipe a cotton pad soaked in “eau écarlate” stain remover to clean the inside ribbon.

We have a reshaping service for your hat (on quotation).

Nos tailles de chapeau correspondent à votre tour de tête en centimètres. Afin de connaître votre taille de chapeau, vous devez mesurer le tour de votre tête à l’aide d’un mètre ruban (Comment calculer son tour de tête?)

Puis, positionnez le mètre ruban au milieu du front et au niveau de la bosse arrière du crâne (1 cm au-dessus des oreilles). Serrez le mètre ruban comme vous voudriez que votre chapeau s’adapte mais ATTENTION, il est conseillé d’arrondir au cm supérieur et de ne pas trop serrer le ruban (la plupart des erreurs de taille se produisent en prenant une mesure trop étroite sur le front)

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