Amant in Panama Fino Natural
Ribbon Abysse
Thick Potiron

Our hat sizes match your head circumference in centimeters. In order to know your hat size, you need to measure around your head using a tape measure (here is ours). Then position the tape measure in the middle of the forehead and at the level of the back bump of the skull (1 cm above the ears). Tighten the tape measure as you would like your hat to fit but CAUTION, it is advisable to round up to the top cm and not over tighten the ribbon (most size errors occur by taking too narrow a measurement on the forehead).
Consult the table of international equivalents.

Avoid wearing it in the rain, roll it and pinch it too hard by placing it on your head.
From time to time keep it above the steam of an electric kettle or a pan of water to moisten it so that it keeps its suppleness.
If you are doing a task, gently swab a cotton soaked in scarlet water.
So that your hat stays beautiful… hang it on a hook or put it on a pretty hat-holder!
Finally, if you wish, we can refurbish your hat. We also offer a package to change the grosgrain (only for hats from home!)