French Creative Professions - The Cherry on the Hat


Millinery is a living heritage that’s constantly evolving, and registered on the list of French creative professions, a concept defined by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art founded in 1889.

Restrictive, the definition of creative professions recognises the excellence of an artisan’s savoir-faire and preservation of ancestral techniques.

Materials and suppliers

Our felts

Popular for winter, our felts are made in Portugal before being moulded on our presses in Paris.

Our felts are the result of mastering savoir-faire related to an innovative production process. Their technical nature develops and they meet a requirement for waterproof, durable high-end aesthetics.

Our straws

Our straws come from Ecuador, the world birthplace of the Panama hat. Artisans weave our straws by hand according to the traditional method of Cuenca, famous for its weave started by a central rose at the crown.

This savoir-faire has been listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list since 2012.

In order to preserve authentic crafts that are becoming rarer, La Cerise sur le Chapeau is committed to preserving the Panama, securing the future of this unique world heritage.

Our grosgrains

La Cerise sur le Chapeau has partnered with the best artisans since the beginning, including Julien Faure, an exception French creator since 1864.

An unequalled specialist of complex weaving techniques on century-old shuttle looms, this family company is a French reference in making grosgrains that supplies the most prestigious couture houses.

Guarantor of unique savoir-faire and keen to preserve this unprecedented heritage, the Julien Faure collections enhance Arts and Crafts that are in the spirit of the times. The shades of the warps and wefts, stitch textures and braid details form intricate work, complementing an exceptional palette of colours and textures.


All of our hats are made on manual and pedal cast iron presses from 1900, heated by gas.

Our aluminium moulds are made in Italy and each corresponds to a hat shape and precise head size, for irreproachable precision.

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